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Budget bytes । Budget car rental near me

Budget bytes । Budget car rental near me

Hon'ble Finance Minister AHM Mustafa Kamal announced the budget for the financial year 2020-21 on June 11, 2020 and it was passed by the votes of the parliamentarians on June 30, 2020 and came into effect from July 1. The motto of this year's budget is "Economic Development and Future Path". The amount was 5 lakh 8 thousand crore rupees. The amount of GDP is 31 lakh 71 thousand 600 crore.

Budget bytes । Budget car rental near me

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 In the budget 2020-2021, the finance minister has shown prudence. When the world system came to a standstill in Corona, the finance minister announced the budget with priority on health sector to protect the marginalized people of the country. The budget was passed in terms of public health, food security and safety. Hall:

1. Government's prudence in preventing the global epidemic Kovid-19: Under the direction of the Prime Minister, corona prevention, control and treatment measures were taken. The government showed efficiency in keeping the wheel of the economy moving through all kinds of administrative and social communication while maintaining social distance.

 2. Steps to ensure healthcare: Separate isolation units have been opened in each district and upazila to deal with COVID-19. 14 medical centers have been opened in Dhaka city. 55 diagnostic laboratories have been set up. Tk 529 crore was allocated to the health sector on an emergency basis. Tk 650 crore was allocated to honor nurses and doctors.

3. Simultaneous formulation of 2 policies of treatment and employment: 2 thousand doctors and 6 thousand nurses were appointed to provide fast medical services to the affected patients. 36 medical technologists recruited 2,754 lab attendants. In addition, a total of 3,000 new jobs were created in the revenue sector, including 1,200 medical technologists, 1,650 medical technicians and 150 cardiographers.

4. Covid-19, Special Project of the Government: The Government with the assistance of the World Bank at a cost of Taka 1,026 crore Covid-19 Emergency Response and Preparedness project and with the assistance of the Asian Bank at a cost of Taka 1,038 crore Covid-19 Response Emergency Assistance Gave.

5. Highlights of the health sector: Under the health services department, a special program worth Tk 5,500 crore has been undertaken and is being implemented. Besides, Tk 10,000 crore has been allocated to deal with Corona in the next financial year.

. Steps taken by the government for food security: The government procured 7.98 lakh metric tonnes of paddy from aman crop for the purpose of adequate food stocks for global coronation. 6.0 metric tonnes of paddy and 11.50 lakh metric tonnes of rice were procured from current boro crop. He also proposed a budget of Tk 22,469 crore for the food security sector.

. Social Security Activities: Provides cash assistance to 5 million people to alleviate the hardships of the common poor in order to overcome the economic stagnation by announcing a general holiday in Corona and providing financial assistance. An additional Rs 300 crore is provided for old age allowance. Widows, poor mothers maternity allowance, freedom fighters. Assistance is provided.

. Incentive Package: Announces Special Incentive Package in FY 2020-2021 to create new employment for the poor farmers in rural areas and various mahallas to overcome the Corona losses in the rural economy and keep the wheel of the economy running.

9. Protection of Natural Environment and Biodiversity: In the vision of Hon'ble Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, all the villages of the country will be arranged, planned and biodiversity rich. The efficient use of human resources, the use of infrastructural resources is planned.

10. Livelihood protection and development: Construction of new roads including construction of employment, construction of culverts-bridges, construction of dams in coastal areas, construction of complexes at union and upazila level are given special allocation.

Finally, the steps taken by the government in the budget for the next financial year are and will continue to play a very important role in overcoming the situation in the country.

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The steps taken by the government are commendable but I personally think there are still some limitations. The following is a brief discussion:

1. Health sector in the budget: The budget for the health sector should have been the maximum for the global epidemic but we did not get it. The public administration sector has been given more importance.

2. Corruption in the health sector: In various newspapers, we have come to know about various scams of the health department, widespread corruption, negligence in management responsibilities. I think the proper use of the law was less.

3. Lack of public awareness: One of the antidotes in public awareness.

4. Lack of food security: During Corona period, there was a huge change in food security. Farmers did not get fair price (eggplant / cucumber was 3/5 rupees per kg).

5. Education and livelihood: Hundreds of thousands of students pass undergraduate / postgraduate examinations every year. Many of them have gone to sessions for coronation, many of them have passed half of the exams and cannot anesthetize the job. Many of them are unable to take exams due to financial reasons, what will happen to these millions of students? But what will happen to those who are studying in undergraduate / postgraduate now? Online classes are just happening.


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