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how to start a romantic story | sweet romantic story

how to start a romantic story | sweet romantic story
romantic story : Sekel's education
The story is based on sweet romantic story. By reading this story you can learn how to start a romantic story. I am the writter of the story

how to start a romantic story | sweet romantic story

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My name is Nadnan. In a few days, the son of a laborer worked in the house of his father, the zamindar of Padar, with a meager salary. He was a school scholar in our village. Our school was a few crores miles away from my house, so school chowk was my daily work, my father admitted me to this remote school for less money. Although I used to give school shit, I was known as a good student by the scholars.
Bhattacharya Babu Mahasaya was the son of a zamindar's family, Bilet Pass. He volunteered to study in our school. Since it is a remote school, Babu Mahasaya goes to school in a horse-drawn carriage and I walk. I was a child of a very poor family, my house was next to the house of Bhattacharya Babu Mahasaya. I was overwhelmed with Babu Mahasaya because he was too out of reach, but I missed school, so the stick was my daily companion. 

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One day I took a lot of neglected books and headed towards the school along the village path. Meet Babu Mahasaya on the way. He is going in a horse-drawn carriage and I am going on foot. I didn't want to go with him because at that time Pandit's place was very high, no one could disrespect and no one dared to disrespect. Going in the same car with Pandit with the student is usually called disrespect then. However, in the end I did not agree. At the same time, on the way I went, my chest became distant. I got in the car with Babu Mahasaya but I was not scared then. On the way, when I saw the people of the British government army, my chest became more and more scared.

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After reaching the school, I started thinking what I have done today. Someone hit me from behind. Looking back, Harihar sir. What a terrible man, he is the most angry sir in the school. Frightened, I said, sir, deprivation. What deprivation? Deprivation of human mind or deprivation of Sita? As soon as I heard that, I went to the forest. Unable to find a way, I went to class. Ravi, Madan, Pradeep, they have already come to school, I met them. Pradeep said, "Let's go to see the tram today. The tram runs through the last part of our village. My father forbade me to go that far, but I wanted to take myself with everyone." I thought I would come and see what will happen today. I went to the tram line after the green field with the lamps. When we all go out together, Sukant Bhattacharya Babu saw me. The book trembled from afar, where are you going, boy? Will you go? Come on, come on, I'm scared, Grandpa, I'll play with them today, then I'll go. Ah, okay, then you come home soon. Okay, so I joined Pradeep's team. Will stay from the side.

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Madan said we will go straight through the cough forest. Pradeep didn't agree with it and my body started to tingle too. I heard from my father that the fox would be on the way to Kashamban or the fox on the way. I also did not agree to join Ravi Pradeep's group. . All around I was fascinated by the greenery. I discovered myself in an unknown place, sometimes I had the opportunity to go out on the green edge to be with my father. Anyway, finally I came to the edge of Kashamban. Rabi told me how did Ray Nadnan feel? I said it feels very good to leave the world and come and live here. This time Robi told me that Nadnan should be a little careful now, we have to go through Kashaban, I don't understand the very terrible road facilities.

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 I could see sticks in the hands of each of Pradeep, Ravi, Madan. That's what he said. I heard in the story of the night near Baba that there was once a tiger on this sweet path. During the day, buffaloes, cows and goats were brought from Mai. No one dared to come here for fear. Everyone in the village had killed the tiger. However, I started to give myself a little comfort.

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