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vocabulary course | online vocabulary classes

vocabulary course | online vocabulary classes
Vocabulary course for fresher is now coming to you. You can read here various type of vocabulary classes. Most of student don't know which type vocabulary they will learn. It is very tremendous if they can suggest or can a proper guideline.

We, In Bangladesh most of the student here very week in English specially in English focus writing. Here given blow some crucial word.

vocabulary course | online vocabulary classes

words 10th graders should know

  • So far
  • In order to steer
  • In the wake of
  • likely do that 
  • A nationwide / countrywide
  •  A couple of month ago
  • This is most welcome step
  •  The hardest hit groups
  • In this trend continuous
  • For the shake of

important vocab words to know

In next, we see, what is the Bangla meaning of the words. It is very needy to remember all person that if you sought to improve yourself both writing & memorize so hard work is very essential for this. Practice makes a man perfect so Everyday we have to read newspaper editorial part for getting much information. Read a topics one another time & try yourself to find your weakness point. For more better yourself you can follow given point:

1) Read daily 10 words
2)Read a editorial from newspaper
3)Use A dictionary for find out the meaning of that words.
4)Memorize tense
5)Revise voice change.
6) Memorize some vocabulary
7) Read some appropriate preposition
8)Practice in your notebook         

Now, if you practice regular above information or point i think you will better than previous in your English Focus writing.

vocabulary building flashcards

The best guide for a student, read a little but memorize that clearly or entirely. So, to read vocabulary flashcards can be a best system to read vocabulary. Here you can find the imperative vocabulary. This vocabulary course is only for help to you. Prepare a flashcards for yourself which you want to read.

vocabulary course | online vocabulary classes

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