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my friends story | welcome to the real world friends quote

my friends story | welcome to the real world friends quote

Friends, This is the word which makes me proud as to boost me in many way. Yes here i have come to thank some special guys who were giving me very special thing my friends in my whole life so far. Welcome to the real world friends Including Primary school, High school, College level along with my present institutions i have gotten many friends obviously they help me when i need. Nevertheless to say, here i have found some special person among them.

my friends story | welcome to the real world friends quote

 welcome to the real world friends quote

I am from Middle family not a rich or poor. you can't imagine how much face various problem in a Middle family. They can't express their various scarcity however i'm not also deprived from this. My journey was not good as from very start. i walked in my whole life at primary level, High school level along with here. i would like to say it below:

Primary School:
I went to primary School i think i can't enormous thing without writing my name, address but i could collect some important thing like what's good or bad. Here's i found many friend but they can't inspired me because for situated the school at provincial village.

my friends story | welcome to the real world friends quote

my friends story

High School:
This is the time when i could find man of later. donkey student can illuminate by himself inspired from a guys it can be a institutions, friends, family, according to my view. I followed my friends to forward myself among them some are very special though we were not very close but a little word could change my view's on my life. Presumably, ours talking wasn't triggered as others. Though i followed some person but i have not a good student so far. I don't sought mention that person but always respect from myself. some one were blame me and did some one's appreciated. THANK YOU both of them.

University level:
Here i have many friend who are very helpful. You can't imagine how much gentle, sage, helper they are. Among them here's some special guyes whom i followed myself. They can criticize me but i think they are always welcome for that which i sought in my whole life. Obviously, i have elder brothers & sister Respect all of them. THANK YOU.
Thanks to going University, i have gotten elder brothers & sister at Facebook they also appreciates me.

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