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create e commerce | create a ecommerce website from scratch

create e commerce | create a ecommerce website from scratch
The use of internet is spreading day by day all over the world. And the idea of ​​buying and selling in our country through this internet is growing very fast. How to create an e-commerce business. Everything we are getting is very easy. As a result, everything is now within our reach. You get everything including marketing at home.

The spread of e-commerce is increasing at a geometric rate due to the availability of different types. You can easily understand its use only by performing certain tasks. An e-commerce site is required for this business. This site works like a business organization such as a shop. You can manage a store like the owner of a store if you want. You can also open this business site by following certain formulas.

create e commerce | create a ecommerce website from scratch

create e commerce

Before that we didn't see how many types of e-commerce there could be.

A. B2B (Business to Business) There are 2 business organizations working here.

B. B2G (Business to Government) Here the work is done between the government and 1 business organization.

C. B2C (Business to Consumer) Here is the work between 1 business organization and the consumer.

D. C2C (Consumer to Consumer) Here it works between 2 consumers.

E. G2C (Government to Consumer) Here is the work between the government and the consumer.


how to create an ecommerce business

Now below are the different steps:

Step: 1 Domain

To select a short and nice name is very imperative to a domain name. Because next time the organization will be known by this name. If you want to create a site with professionalism, you must choose a new name.

# So, at first select a domain name which matches your product and service or business.

# The shorter the name, the better. So take the name short.

# A domain can be registered for 800 to 950 rupees.

# Take control of the domain's control panel. You can easily buy a domain name with the help of an experienced person.

# The name of an established organization is attached to so that you can easily purchase a domain name. Of course, a Bangladeshi will buy a domain through someone so that if there is a problem, you can easily contact and fix it. # You can go to to find out if the name or domain you have chosen is correct. Always try to get .com domain.

Step: 2 A Good Hosting Service

 There are different types of site maintenance. Such as: Dedicated Hosting, Share (Virtual), Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosting), Cloud Hosting, etc. When the whole of a computer is used as a server, it is called a dedicated server. Dedicated hosting is dedicated server hosting. When a dedicated server is made up of multiple servers by virtually any software, it is known as VPS. Each of these components acts as an independent server. These can be used for e-commerce. However, it is difficult to manage and is always down. The monthly rent of a good VPS server starts from four thousand rupees.

Step: 3 Create Website

Those who create websites can create e-commerce sites for you. Or you can find it online.

A: OScommerce: Address:

B. OpenCart: Address:

C, Virtuemart: Address:

D, Ucommerce: Address:

E. Magento: Address:

F. Jane-Cart: Address:

G. Tomato Cart: Address:

H. Prestashop Address:

Step: 4 Security First

As everything is easily available in today's internet system, the violence of various cyber crimes and hackers is increasing day by day. Especially in the case of e-commerce, security is very important. Whether or not you create a site that you like, you need to use a transparent security system. Many people are facing this problem nowadays. So after creating an e-commerce site, you have to keep in mind the security measures. You can use blogs or you will get many plug-ins using WordPress. They can be used.

how to create e commerce app


1.24 / 7 service delivery.
2. Time is its own use.
3. Expenditure is less.
4. You can easily understand where the product is, when it will come.
5. You can manage the institution from home.


1. You need an electronic device such as a computer or a smart phone.
2. Always need internet.
3. Internet access may not be available in remote areas.


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